The Carp Faced Boy and Other Tales


The Carp Faced Boy by Thersa Matsuura.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I have to admit that the first book I’m reviewing with this blog is written by a very good friend of mine. But what’s the point of having a blog if you can’t give a great big shout out to your author friends? So here goes….

The stories in this collection are not the kind of horror and supernatural stories that bludgeon you over the head with splatter and blood. That would have been easier to digest. These ten stories creep up slowly, like one of the spiders in the first story, and overtake you before you know what’s happened and you find yourself checking to make sure the door is indeed locked and the windows securely shut before going to bed.

The title story is one that will have me avoiding the dentist more than I already do and I’ll never look at carp the same way again. Great use of the word ‘gnaw’.

‘The Spider Sweeper’ was equally tender as it was nightmare-inducing. I have an abnormal fear of spiders, so reading this story was an act of bravery for which I’ll be paying the price with more than a few sleepless nights.

‘Go-Away Monkey’ served to remind me how much I hate bullies of all kinds and I have a special hatred of the ones who use animals in their shows.

I’ll let you, the reader, discover the rest of the unforgettable, supernatural yet unequivocally human stories found in this enjoyable book.

The Carp Faced Boy by Thersa Matsuura.

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