The Weight of Him



The Weight of Him by Ethel Rohan 

An enthralling book about a family fractured by tragedy and one man’s attempt to make life better for those around him by starting with himself. There are layers to Billy Brennan, both literally and figuratively, and Ethel Rohan expertly peels them back to expose  his huge heart. 

Billy’s family suffers a horrific loss and he decides the only way to make something positive out of the senseless tragedy is to lose half his body weight. Inspired by a walk-a-thon at his son’s school, Billy decides to raise money by shedding 200 pounds. His family and friends think he’s crazy. At times, he agrees with them. 

Rohan’s writing puts you right there with Billy. You’ll root for him and you’ll cry with him. She adeptly walks the line between pathos and inspiration. This book will leave you with an appetite for more of her writing. 

The Weight of Him by Ethel Rohan 


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